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Nov 15

I can see your point

if she is abusing the card elsewhere. I thought of another option, after I hit send on my last message. DH is HORRIBLE with cash. I discovered prepaid gas cards at Speedway. No fees, no funny stuff, and some times they have specials in association with the prepaid cards. These really helped my budget when …

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Nov 01

I’ll defend you here for another reason

How easy is it to pick up a soft drink when you get gas, IF you have to go in to pay? You said that you have a van, even if you fill way before you are empty, and it takes $20 to fill up, and you add a $1 soft drink every time, that …

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Oct 03

Hi, my name is Pol

I am a 34 year old Christian and my husband is 37. He is a father of 3 (I’m a new stepmom). We have 2 cats. I have been a faithful listener of Marks podcasts on iTunes every day for the past couple of months. I have really learned a lot, but am ready to …

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Sep 11

I do

Laundry detergent, cleaners, vitamins, etc. comes from one budget, edible food from another. We’re still tweaking our food and household items budgets and I’m not sure if we are now under budgeted for groceries or if I overspent buying ingredients to make cookies this month. We’re giving cookies to scout leaders and others this year …

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Aug 04

When I had a family..

One week a month, my budget was more than the rest of the weeks, to allow for the increase in non-food items… TP, paper towels, vitamins, deoderant, toothpaste etc. Then I didn’t feel so bad because I budgeted specifcally for them.. I’ve also heard people who have a separate line item completely for non-perishable items.

Jul 03

Diapers, pullups and wipes are a lot cheaper at

Sam’s Club and I’m pretty sure Costco has similar prices. I buy a lot of staples at Sam’s Club, spaghetti sauce, pasta, spices and such. I also get some meats there. I probably save more than my membership cost every year, but the downside is that impulse buys are expensive, you must shop with a …

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Jun 04

You can go into a gas station

and purchase one of their gas cards with the prepaid visa Yes, for some reason, some cards are not supposed to be used at a gas pump (like your prepaid visa). But you can purchase a card from the gas station WITH the prepaid visa, and that card is often meant specifically for the gas …

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Apr 12

Thanks for the reminders

You said everything I was going to say. lol I wanted to comment on how much you are spending for groceries. This is an area that I think you can try to spend too little and end up shooting yourself in the foot. We have 6 people to feed. (4 eat adult quantities, my husband, …

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Mar 29

I would guess that at least 70% of “emergencies” are a lack of planning

Emergency room will bill you, with no interest for the first 30 days, so if you were going to pay “cash” you have that opportunity after the emergency is past. It is illegal I believe not to treat a true emergency, regardless of ability to pay. Snacks in the car will pacify a screaming toddler, …

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Mar 15

I would be interested to hear how others with small kids manage/d without a card

The kids make it different stakes. And we all don’t live in the same places weather/security crime wise so no one can judge you for keeping the debit card to safe guard your family. I agree with your reasons for security and safety. So now the only real problem is to figure out a way …

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Feb 27

I am on the tough love side of the house

I”m going to have to disagree with your assessment of what is an option and what isn’t. First let me say I understand the convience of pay at the pump… but in the spirit of spending cash and stop carrying the debit card especially if you can’t control your spending with it…. I’m going to …

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Feb 08

Any suggestions?

I too have trouble following the budget! I like to call it a spending plan, but still I feel constrained. I think my biggest problem is not have boundaries. Since we are self-employed, I try to only take the same amount out of the business per month. But when I go over budget, I just …

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Jan 29


is on sale this month for $100, isn’t it? I know, I know, don’t wanna spend… Many of the files from the FPU course are in the files section. (You ARE allowed to share them, but not for a profit)

Jan 14

Thank you for the information

I am listening to the 3 hr down load each and it is a great motivator. I have started to do the budget but have not gathered all my number together-very scary to me but needs to be done. I am of course trying to cut down on the money going out and was not …

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Dec 29

Obviously “The Total Money Makeover” and “Financial Peace Revisited”

are the books you want to start with. I’ve heard Mark say on his show that TMMO is the how and Financial Peace is the why I also highly recommend listening to his show (I listen online, it’s free at to keep motivated and to really get a feel for what he’s teaching. If …

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Dec 28

Yes. It won’t be easy, but it can be done

Communitcation and working to show you have intent to pay it off is the first step. Call and see, let them know the situation. Dave always says to focus on the 4 walls… house, food, utilities, clothing … first and rest of the payments after you are caught up on those. Plus getting the emergency …

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Dec 20

Thank you all for the great replies

A little bit more about our situation is we lost everything (ran up all this debt) a few years ago on a bad real estate deal combined with a medical expense. We sold our house at that time for a big loss and really don’t have too much left to sell! The debt we have …

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Dec 12

Welcome on board

Yes! There is hope for you. It’s a bad idea to call one of those consumer credit counseling places. You are treated just as if you filed for a bankruptcy, you also have to watch and make sure that they are paying the creditors as agreed. I’ve heard a lot of issues with this. The …

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Dec 09

Welcome, I am new here also

One thing I have learned over the years is that communication is VERY important. Keeping in constant contact with those you owe money to is always the best thing to do. My suggestion to you is: Keep paying the bills that you are not late on Figure out your budget and how much you can …

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Oct 23

Yes you can likely do this

It will not be easy. You will need a lifestyle change. It is an entire family effort. You have to admit ALL of it to yourself and family. 1. List all the debt $ amounts. 2. List all the asssets $ amounts. What can you get sell? Everything from books to cars. If you can …

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Jul 10

Hi, I have just joined this blog-forum

and have been reading the past messages of how some of you have paid off so much debt you all are inspiring! We have a huge amount of credit card debt and I was on the verge of either filing bankruptcy or going with a debt settlemnt plan (was actually going to do one of …

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May 17

Why couldn’t you take cash and purchase a gas card?

Cash doesn’t have stipulations on it, like a gift card might, but I didn’t mention a gift card in my response… Speaking of visa, I have an actual visa card, not a debit card, that I cannot use at a gas pump. The issuer stipulates this as a benefit to me, saying that anyone could …

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May 09

Same here on budgeting for food

I redid it as I had been budgeting 125 every other week but it had to include pullups for my daughter and a large diaper pack box for my son, over the counter medications and vitamins-when needed, all personal care items, pet items and food for 4 people and I always went over-of course some …

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Jan 23

I was just like you!

I was like an ostrich with its head in the sand. When things got bad, I’d just stop looking at the bank balance. My credit cards were going up every month instead of down. I realized that even though I was paying on them, I wasn’t doing it consistently and I had hundreds of dollars …

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Sep 10

I was in a similar situation

paying all the bills doing all the worrying and my husband being mainly clueless to what all was going what we owe to who and what our monthly “budget” is. I told him that I had to have his input and his understanding. He has known we had a lot of bills and he knew …

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Mar 15

I was just reading over the posts of the past few days

Wow, I’m impressed with how helpful everyone is with Shannon’s predicament. I am tired of worrying about money all by myself. I pay all the bills. My DH doesn’t really know all the bills we have. I have ordered the FPU kit and have talked to hubby about getting our finances straight. He is willing …

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Nov 21

Welcome to the blog!

I’m no budgeteer myself, my wife’s the accountant. I’m sure you’re software would work, but I recall Ramsey recommending doing a spreadsheet where you can see all the ins and outs of your money. I believe he also recommends you spread your income evenly through months to figure out the budget, though I also recall …

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May 17

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say the bills are:

#1. Food $200 #2. Mortgage $800 #3. Electric Bill $100 #4. Car Payment $250.00 #5. Macy’s $25.00 #6. Bank of America: $10 And your take home was $1200 You would pay: up through half the car payment. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Macy’s & BofA would just have to wait. He also says to have …

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Mar 21

I’m hoping to learn from others and apply it to my life

I’m a wife and mother to 2 ds’s that I homeschool. Dh and myself are each self employed. I work part time at home. DH is full time at his at home business also. I read Jhons book older version and slowly learning to apply it. Still overwhelmed with the big picture. We’ve don’t have …

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