May 17

Why couldn’t you take cash and purchase a gas card?

Cash doesn’t have stipulations on it, like a gift card might, but I didn’t mention a gift card in my response…

Speaking of visa, I have an actual visa card, not a debit card, that I cannot use at a gas pump. The issuer stipulates this as a benefit to me, saying that anyone could steal my card and use it at the gas pump. If I want to use it to purchase gas, I have to go inside and sign. Personally I pay cash for gas, ie a gift card which I refill monthly. I’m not big on charging items for which I consume. I never charge food, or groceries or gas, or fast food etc. I have nothing to show for my bill at the end of the billing cycle and I don’t like that.

A gift card as you described below isn’t an actual debit card or credit card, so there may be special stipulations as to where it can be used.