Hi, my name is Pol

I am a 34 year old Christian and my husband is 37. He is a father of 3 (I’m a new stepmom). We have 2 cats.

I have been a faithful listener of Marks podcasts on iTunes every day for the past couple of months. I have really learned a lot, but am ready to learn more.

I would like to try to get my hands on the dvds for his Financial Peace University, so I can start a class here at my house.

Both Scott and I are veterans, and he works, while I go to school full time. My school is paid for completely by the V.A., so at least financing that is not a problem. Our main problems are not having enough for groceries and utilities. We sat down and made a budget this month for January, and the last time I got paid (I’m on disability), we paid off several small recent utility debts at once. Now I’m ready to do the baby steps, and save $1000. It seems like such a large amount to someone who has never saved anything, and lives below the poverty line (most of my husband’s check goes to child support). We drive two 1994 model cars, and his is paid off in 2 months, while mine will be paid off in about 2 years.
Any car we get in the future will be cash, like Mark says.

Other than offering to babysit for people locally, selling my books and cds on half.com, and selling stuff at Trade Day (like a flea market) in the summer, I don’t know how we can really increase our income or stop so much outgo. Scott used to work 3 jobs, but he got so burned out, and we figured out that they are going to continue to keep his child support high if he brings in more money that way. We petitioned the court to have the support brought down because he makes almost half as much as he did when they figured it up based on an old job.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure we haven’t thought of everything.

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