I am on the tough love side of the house

I”m going to have to disagree with your assessment of what is an option and what isn’t. First let me say I understand the convience of pay at the pump… but in the spirit of spending cash and stop carrying the debit card especially if you can’t control your spending with it…. I’m going to loving suggest that you look at last month’s budget line for automobile gas. Using the envelop system, put that amount in the gas envelope. The FIRST time you go to the gas station in the coming month, take the time to take the children out of the car, and go inside and buy a gas card for the amount in the envelope. All future stops for the month, you can use that card at the pump in the same way you would use the debit card. What is one time of “inconvenience” if in the end you’ll save money and let go some of your dependence on something that you might not have the best control over.

As far as that overspending of 20 bux at the grocery store. Thats not a lot of money, but… you’re cheating yoruself and using your crutch (debit card) to bail you out. Do you make a grocery list? Clip coupons? What extra’s are you not accounting for that causes your overage?

What ikind of emergency are you envisioning that you just have to have your debit card with you? Lets talk about those different scenario’s. I think there are too many people here who have left their crutch at home and have done just fine without it and its helped them. Just wishing the same for you.

Not trying to offend, just giving you a different perspective.

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