I was just like you!

I was like an ostrich with its head in the sand. When things got bad, I’d just stop looking at the bank balance. My credit cards were going up every month instead of down. I realized that even though I was paying on them, I wasn’t doing it consistently and I had hundreds of dollars in interest, late pmts, and over limit fees increasing my balance, not decreasing it! If I didn’t have the money to pay bills, I’d stop looking at the bank and then I’d bounce lots of checks, sometimes up to $300 a month in bounced check charges. It was ridiculous!! I couldn’t even pay the bills and then try coming up with all those charges. It was a vicious cycle.

The biggest part was that I didn’t care about ever paying off my debt. I lived for the moment and when we had money I felt I deserved to “finally” spend it. It just got worse and worse.

Finally about a year ago, I went to my husband and fessed up. We had a big fight and he was really mad. Once he cooled off, he started helping me. We setup a spreadsheet with all the bills listed. I started actually “looking” at the credit card statements instead of just the minimum payment line. I listed all our debt, whoo was it a shock! It was slow going, but the debt was going down.

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