I would guess that at least 70% of “emergencies” are a lack of planning

Emergency room will bill you, with no interest for the first 30 days, so if you were going to pay “cash” you have that opportunity after the emergency is past. It is illegal I believe not to treat a true emergency, regardless of ability to pay.

Snacks in the car will pacify a screaming toddler, until you can get to where you will eat as a family. That would be a planning issue to me, not an emergency. Unless the child is diabetic, as I am, and sometimes I know I need to eat or else I’ll be flat on my back somewhere. Its still a planning issue for me, because I should have made plans for an extended outing away from food or have already plannned to eat out and therefore its in my budget. I just don’t decide, at the last moment to eat out, I plan each trip in advance. Like today, I didn’t bring lunch, I opened the refrigerator at 5:30 this morning and decided I didn’t want anything in there. We’re having a holiday snack fest at work so I can munch all day but I made the decision at 5:30 that lunch will be eaten out, and I’ll eat leftovers for dinner tonight. I’ve regulated my insulin to accomodate for my lunch out, and I’ve analyzed my budget to see who I’m robbing for the meal. I’m robbing my entertainment budget. I will only see one movie this weekend, unless I get treated LOL.

I don’t really have a counter to the flat tire, except that patch kits are 7 bux, and the full size spare you should be carrying around. Not to switch gears but how many of you carry around a full size spare? Where do you get the spare from? When you get new tires, ask the tire expert which tire is best? and dump the donut and replace it with the best of your used tires. That way if you should be unfortunate enough to experience a flat, you aren’t unbalancing your load with a wimpy donut and you can ride to the tire store in what I consider to be more safety.

But back to the issue… A patch kit is more economical than buying a new tire everytime a tire goes flat. Surely if you’re cooking everything from scratch, you know the value of being economical. The integrity of a patch is safe enough to transport your precious cargo (children) with little fear. Frankly I’d be more worried for my saftey with a donut than a patch. Very rarely is a tire rendered completely unusable from a simple flat so a patch will extend the life of your tire. Now after its been patched once, and goes flat again, I personally would buy another tire.

The purse thing… I freely admit, I shop too much… enough said about that. But I believe Dave calls this blow money. I definitely belive this type of money should be in the form of cash. Therefore you have a defined amount, and can’t quite possibly exceed it. And while you can rationalize in your mind that a debit card is a defined amount… For instance you know you have 10 bux extra that you can spend for whatever, and the purchase with TAX is 10.60, yeah that will fit on the debit. But if you had a 10 dollar bill, and only 10 dollars, you’ll make a pitch for the sales price to be 9 dollars so you can cover tax, or you’ll find something cheaper or leave it entirely.

Changing to a cash system, is about changing the mindset and making money a real, tangible thing. While there are safety concerns that we have to be aware of when carrying cash, its far better to get a handle on spending, by making a practice of spending the green stuff on a regular basis.

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