I’m hoping to learn from others and apply it to my life

I’m a wife and mother to 2 ds’s that I homeschool. Dh and myself are each self employed. I work part time at home. DH is full time at his at home business also. I read Jhons book older version and slowly learning to apply it. Still overwhelmed with the big picture.
We’ve don’t have much debt but, no saving or retirement. I know this has been something on my mind for awhile to learn to not spend as much. I had a real wake up call when I was injuried and could not work for three months. Living only on dh income that had a slump in profit at the same time.
The lessons I learned was I wasted alot of money before. My business is not as profitable after being off so long and I have to live by what I learned. That said we are better off now than before so I want that to continue. Wrapped change to pay medical bills. Need to build emergency fund again.
Budgetting??? I just don’t get it. So I started writting down all extra’s I spend and the rest is organized by my computer program that show where money is spent. Even with this I still don’t get it. I think this is because the income can be $0 to $$$$’s a month . No weekly set income. I’m trying to get money a head then pay bills as they come in.
Anyone else live with up and down income never knowing what you will make that month?
I’m set for digest so it may take me a while to answer any emails.

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