Obviously “The Total Money Makeover” and “Financial Peace Revisited”

are the books you want to start with. I’ve heard Mark say on his show that TMMO is the how and Financial Peace is the why I also highly recommend listening to his show (I listen online, it’s free at paydayloansfloridaonline.biz) to keep motivated and to really get a feel for what he’s teaching. If you can save up, you can purchase the Home Kit and it’s the same thing as FPU, you just watch the DVD’s by yourself instead of with a class.

The first thing I would do (my opinion) is to go to Marks’s website and download the free budget form. Then do a detailed budget and work on it for a few months to figure out where your money is going. I am personally still working on this after following Dave for several months … I love making budgets but have a really hard time actually following them 😉

Good luck and welcome

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