Same here on budgeting for food

I redid it as I had been budgeting 125 every other week but it had to include pullups for my daughter and a large diaper pack box for my son, over the counter medications and vitamins-when needed, all personal care items, pet items and food for 4 people and I always went over-of course some of it is all the stocking up on sale needed items. But what do you do when there is no Share or Angel food ministries where you live and most of the stuff I buy doesn’t ever have coupons like fresh fruit and veggies? I always pay the bills first then buy food so should I be doing the opposite? Cause I hate it when there is never enough food or I cant think of anything to make. (hubby wont let me cook so we just make quick things like sandwiches, soup, lean cuisine meals-I tried to plan meals but he’d rather just make something quick) We need to eat healthier but cant make anything that takes longer then 10 mins to make and he’s also really picky about his food thanks to parents that always eat fast food- doesn’t like veggies or the way things are done like I cant buy tons of hamburger meat on sale as he will not eat it if its been frozen. Help. any suggestions? I am stocking up on staple items like pasta and spices and sauces and other stuff so that I can whip up a really good lunch but not dinner. Oh yeah he gets home at 2:45pm so I cant make dinner before he gets home as he’s already home. Also does anybody have an opinion about Costco, is it worth the membership? Can you check it out without having the card?

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