Thank you all for the great replies

A little bit more about our situation is we lost everything (ran up all this debt) a few years ago on a bad real estate deal combined with a medical expense. We sold our house at that time for a big loss and really don’t have too much left to sell! The debt we have is not new, it is the same principal we have been carrying around for 3-4 years making minimum payments (that’s all we could afford) and just spinning in circles with it. I finally decided to give it all to CCCS and stopped making payments. Now I have changed my mind and wish I would have never quit paying on them! oh well, can’t cry over split milk!

I work a full time and a part time job and my husband is supposed to be getting a raise of about $100 a week in the next couple of weeks so IF that comes thru it should really help us.

My biggest obstacle on budgeting is groceries. So if anyone has any ideas or link for cheap meals I will gladly take a look! LOL I have 2, 6″4, 200 lb teen aged sons who can eat me out of the house! LOL I am embarrassed to say I spent close to $300 on food (including dog food, toiletries, school supplies etc.) last week. I just checked into angel food and the closet location is about 25 minutes away but I think I can more than save the $5 in gas it takes to get there. So I am going to get an order in for Nov and I think that will really help.

I am feeling really motivated already! A couple days ago I thought there was no way out and now I am seeing that just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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