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Yes! There is hope for you. It’s a bad idea to call one of those consumer credit counseling places. You are treated just as if you filed for a bankruptcy, you also have to watch and make sure that they are paying the creditors as agreed. I’ve heard a lot of issues with this. The thing about Dave to file bankruptcy is really not moral. You made the bills – so unless you are sick, some family emergency, unemployed, underemployed, about to lose your home, be on the streets etc. You made the bills, so you need to pay them.

Lots of folks have done it and been in worse situations. I would suggest that you only call the credit card companies when you are ready to make a serious deal. You can’t tell them one thing this week and not stick to it. They can call the entire debt due at anytime. Read the fine print in your contract. So unless you are serious and able to stick to a plan then don’t call them.

Following the Dave Ramsey way – the first thing you need to take care of is your 4 walls. Food. Rent/mortgage, lights, gas etc. You pay those FIRST before you even worry about paying anybody else. Get the Total Money Make Over book, he has letters in there that you can send to your creditors. Why and how did you get behind? Was there some kind of emergency? Divorce? Change of job? Change of income? Medical etc? Had this changed? These are all things you need to ask yourself so that you can decide which method and how to go about attacking your debt.

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